What is a good pitch and what is it used for?

Sometimes Brands are looking to source a short number of high quality on-brand content. This usually happens in sequence.

Phase one: campaign ideas

The Brand will ask you to come up with ideas in the form of key visuals, story board, synopsis, etc. together with the rationale for your ideas. These ideas are then presented back to the Brand and help define the big idea for the next phase.

A good example would be the Bref boys: what’s next contest.

Phase two: talent pitch

The Brand shares their campaign idea to you, together with specific constraints and requirements if any and expect you to pitch them.

A good pitch is a short video in which you explain 3 things:

  •  The story you want to tell that should be your expression of the campaign idea;
  •  The way you expect to shoot your movie, especially if it involves specific skills/techniques;
  •  Proof that you are able to do it, in the form of a reel and also past work relevant to the brief.  

The video does not have to be fancy and should not take time for you to shoot. However, it needs to convince the Brand that you are the one – so don’t be shy! You can do it in your own language as long as your pitch is subtitled in English.

A great example would be this pitch we received for the SK-II Change your destiny contest.

 Phase three: video production

The Brand selects the best pitches (1-4) and works closely with their creators to come up with high-quality on-brand video content.

Selected creators receive production grants to kick-start the production of their videos. Also, creators are coached by a Creative Director to make sure that their final work is on-brand and ready to be aired.

On top of the grants, any selected creator who delivers his work does win a prize. The Brand decides the order and who the winner is!

This is your chance to see your work aired and promoted by a major brand online!

A good example would be the work of Oblikovsky for SK-II which generated more than a million views worldwide!

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