My entry has been shortlisted. What does it mean?

In some of the contest there might be a shortlist of the best submissions to help contributors understand the success of their participation and their entry. If your entry has been shortlisted that means that it answers all/most of the brief requirements and it stands out from the crowd.

1.       Shortlisted = winner?

No! A shortlisted entry is not a winning one. A non-shortlisted entry still has all the chances to be selected as a winner.

2.       Shortlisted means selected

Shortlisted means selected among the best entries in the contest. Shortlist is created by marketing professionals, clients and community managers.

3.       You can be notified by email about your entry being shortlisted.
 In most of the cases a shortlist is created right after the end of the contest. This is when you receive an email notification about it. However sometimes other entries can be added to this list later. In that case you won’t receive an email notification but you will still see the “Shortlisted” status of your entry in My Submissions on eYeka profile.

4.       Not every contest has a shortlist

Shortlist is not necessarily created in each contest. It depends from one contest to another.

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