I have a technical problem: why can't I upload my media?

Are you having a technical problem on eYeka? FYI, we remind you that 500 MB is the maximum file size to upload on eYeka.

Please email us to support-en@eyeka.com with the following information:

- At what moment do you encounter this problem? On which page of the website (URL of the page, screenshot if possible)? 

- Did you receive an error message and if so, what does it say? 

- What is the format and size of your file?

- Finally, what is your computer’s hardware type (PC / Mac), operating system (XP / Vista / Mac OS X, …), browser and version (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari / Chrome …)?

We need as much information and details as possible to understand where this bug or problem comes from, so we can provide you with the best solution. Thank you!

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