How can I participate in a contest?

To participate in a contest you will first need to be registered on our site.
Please create an account and then log in to eYeka.

*If you need advice about that, please read our article: “How to create an account?”
*If you are new on eYeka, this article might help you: “I’m new on eYeka, what do I have to do?”

Then select the contest you’d like to participate in and click on its icon to go to the contest page.

Click “Join Contest” and read the rules thoroughly before you accept them. After that tick the box "I agree with the contest Rules" and then click on Join the Contest. You now have access to the full brief.

Once you have read the brief and have created your entry, upload your submission via the “Upload” tab on the contest page. Select the creation you’d like to submit by clicking on “Add your file to upload”, describe your entry, provide you personal info and click on "Yes, Upload" button.

After you submitted your entry it will take some time for the system to process the file. The bigger the file, the more tome needs the system. Please, note that if your entry is submitted but is not processed before the deadline it wont appear among the contest entries! We do recommend to upload your entries in the last minute.

After your submission upload and process is done you can see it in My Submissions. Please allow between 24 to 72 working hours for your entry to be moderated. You can check the status on your entry on the same page.

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