Easy Submission - New ways to create your entries on eYeka

eYeka team is happy to announce the release of a new way to create your entries for eYeka contests – Easy Submission.

From now on, for some contests you will be able to build your entry directly from a new Submission page instead of creating a document yourself and uploading it as a file.  

It means that you will have to fill out dedicated fields with text description, answers to the questions of the brief, upload necessary images to illustrate your ideas and submit the form to generate your entry.

Less formatting and uploading hassle to allow you to share your ideas in a much simpler and faster way.

Sometimes we provide power point templates in eYeka contests that usually consist of one slide with fields to add the text description of your idea as well as a key visual illustrating it. Easy Submission will enable you to do this directly on the contest page by filling out relevant fields and build your submission in real time. It will also help our clients discover and analyze your entries in a clearer and more consistent manner, while staying focused on the most important part: your ideas. 

Please note that in contests with Easy Submission no other formats of entries will be accepted, so check carefully the required entry format of each contest before creating your entry.

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