What is the Creative Score?


What is the Creative Score?

The “Creative Score” is a new way to evaluate creators’ activity and help brands to identify key contributors and the most active creators on eYeka. It’s also a chance for the creators to know more about each other's achievements on eYeka! To make sure that the Creative Score reflects fresh and updated information, it is based on the data from a 3 years period.

Where can I see it?

Creative Score is a number displayed on a creator’s eYeka profile page.

How is it calculated?

Creators can increase Creative Score by joining a contest, submitting an entry and answering a Quick Question. Winning a contest will contribute more points to your total creative score. However, Creative Score can also decrease when creators do not participate in contests for a long time. Hence, the more a creator participates, the higher score he will get.

For example, 2 500 points equals to 10 accepted answers out of 20 submitted, 6 000 points equals 3 accepted entries in a contest, and 40 000 points represent 10 accepted entries and one first prize won.

What is the purpose of it?

The purpose of Creative Score is to give an indication of creators’ participation and achievement in eYeka. It is a way to encourage creators to actively be involved in our contests and quick questions.

Creators are not able to exchange their Creative Score for anything in return.

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