What is the Feedback Circle?

The Feedback Circle is a special feature to provide contest contributors an opportunity to browse accepted entries and exchange feedback and comments with other creators.
It's the client who decides whether this feature will be available in a contest or not.

The Feedback Circle tab is available for eligible contests after the end of the contest only for those creators who have at least one accepted entry.

If creator’s entry is accepted in a contest, he is eligible to access the Feedback Circle, browse the entries of other contributors and leave his feedback.

Entries can be rated according to the 3 key dimensions:

·       Quality: This artwork is beautiful;

·       Originality: I have never seen this idea before;

·       Story-telling: This is a very engaging story.


Please note that creators’ ratings won’t have any impact on the brand’s final decision. This feature is made for contributors to share positive tips, pieces of advice and feedback on their work, and help them improve on their skills.


From the Submissions page, under “Visible to others”, one can see how fellow members rated his work, and the feedback they gave him, if any. Click on the thumbnail to access the entry, the comments posted and the votes related.

Entries which receive more votes will be displayed as Community’s Favorites on the Result page together with the winners’ announcement.

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