What is co-creation?

Let the experts talk:

“The act of involving consumers directly, and in some cases repeatedly, in the product creation or innovation process. Companies engage with consumers on initial product concepts and ideas, and they use consumers as a resource throughout the product development life cycle.” (Doug Williams, Forrester Research)

“Customer co-creation is an active, creative and social process, based on collaboration between producers (retailers) and users, that is initiated by the firm to generate value for customers” (Piller, Ihl & Vossen – 2010)

Regarding eYeka:
In our case, consumers are creators. Yes, it means you! Companies call upon you on eYeka to deal with issues that affect them as much as they affect you. Let’s take one concrete example: who is better than you to know what the next yogurt flavour should be, how the packaging would be like, and the best slogan for it? Moreover, who can create an authentic video about it better than you do? 

eYeka strives its best to build a bridge between brands and their ambassadors because we know there is no better person to convey brands values than you.

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