What should I do when I am granted a Grace Period?

After a contest ends, you might be requested to improve on your submitted entry. If you have been granted a Grace Period, you will receive an email notification.

The next step is to go to your submission, read the comments on what has to be improved and take a note of the granted extra upload time. For example, grace period until 21/07/2015 UTC 2359 means that you have the option to make the required changes and re-upload your entry by this time.

Please note that grace period is only available for some contests. Most contest do not have this feature as clients need the submissions urgently. It is also not compulsory to improve on your submission as requested but it is highly recommended so that your effort in creating your work will not be wasted.

To avoid disappointment, we would suggest you to upload your entries one to two days before the contest deadline so you would have ample time to make changes if necessary.

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